Things Just Aren’t They was published by Monster House Press in 2015
Framing Beauty: Intimate Visions was published by Indiana University Press in 2017

The Health Goths Are Really Feeling Zip Ties RN For Some Reason with Joelle Bouchard (Namaste.At.Home.Dad) for Refigural
Two Cults, One Boy: My Lives as a Jehovah’s Witness and DIY Punk for MHPQ
Toward Defining the Ego-seum
Things That Aren’t: Timothy Briner & Everything is Collective at Noise Project
55 Women in Indiana on Tinder With Guns with Cassandra Troyan for Refigural
Metasociality in Florine Stettheimer’s Paintings & Poetry Between the Wars
So You Want to Name Your Punk House? for Maximum Rocknroll
I assisted Anne Elizabeth Moore and Esther Pearl Watson with Gender and Comics Potluck for Bitch Magazine
Artists’ Insurance Program
Edward Gorey at Harvard
Time in Ben Snakepit's Snakepit for Candy & Cigarettes

Chapo Trap House for Mask Magazine
Constance Gadell-Newton for Columbus Underground
Dorothy Gambrell for Lady Drawers
Genevieve Goffman at Das Kapital
John Porcellino
Jay Ryan
Lori Waxman

Shawn McBride’s Syridium Damianus Hectophatasmagon at No Place Gallery
Keith Allyn Spencer and Cody Tumblin's Shits & Giggles at Skylab Gallery
Frank Castanien, AJ Fusco, and Charles Sommer's Hysterical Body at No Place Gallery
Jon Young’s 10 Paces at No Place Gallery
Luc Tuymans at the Wexner Center
Times New Viking’s Born Again Revisited
A lot of artists for Beautiful/Decay

DRAG THE CISTEM at General Public Collective
Is Art Wrong?
The Best of All Possible Worlds
There’s No Future Like No Future & audio
Three Poems with an illustration by Pallavi Sen
The Whole World is Watching with Maia Asshaq
Why the Police Lieutenant Makes More Than the Assistant Professor

Goodale Park in Dushko Petrovich's Daily Gentrifier

I collected the language art museums use to inform interns they won't be paid in Museums Tell Me They Hate Me
I took iPhone 4 photos in Bloomington, IN, in 2014 & 15: In Bloom
I wrote one-panel gags about contemporary art in Arty Party with Sara Drake
I co-edited a comics anthology about gender representation in comics anthologies: Women’s Comics Anthology with Anne Elizabeth Moore
I co-edited an exhibition catalog for an experimental comics show with Colleen Grennan: This is a Comic Book
I made a zine about the history of punk rock in Columbus, OH: Punk Zine: Art/History Issue

I’m in Pia Hellenthal’s film Searching Eva (2019)
Andrew Duncan Worthington interviewed me for Five Questions Club
Daniel Makagon interviewed me in Underground: The Subterranean Culture of DIY Punk Shows
Jordan Castro Gchatted me for the Nervous Breakdown
Jerstin Crosby interviewed me for Acid Rain
Julian Dassai drew a comic about me for 614 Magazine
Yaël Ksander talked to me for Indiana Public Media
John Malta wrote about me for Beautiful/Decay
Alexis McCrimmon interviewed me for TTR
Hannah Stephenson interviewed me for the Columbus Alive

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